Dore Holm

Dore Holm focuses on the experience of returning home to Shetland after leaving as a child, reflecting on how identity can be shaped by landscape, heritage and folklore. This body of work was the result of questioning why there was a desire to centre identity focussed work in landscapes, particularly with bodies of water, while living in an urban environment. Roots run deep, and the landscapes of ones home can often break through. Dore Holm takes ritual as performance; performance as ritual and became an immersive process of self realisation.

“Liusaidh Ashley Watt creates incredible imagery, burying the body and the landscape to perform identity and question the world around them. Their work draws me in, into a world of quietness and of storytelling, and invites us to think about timely questions about what and where is home for us, and where we belong.” - Damon Jackson-Waldock