Liúsaidh is a visual artist motivated by the experiment of photography, investigating oneself through research on ancestry, folklore, landscape, and identity. Self-exploration is a prevalent theme within her work and she adopts a multi-modal approach to experiment with these concepts and challenge conventional notions of creating artwork inspired by landscapes.

She often incorporates elements of portraiture and landscape, forging a co-dependant relationship between the two. However, it is crucial to note that even in the absence of her physical presence, her works remain portraits, as they reflect her personal journey and the essence of  one’s being. Liúsaidh uses visual codes to expose inner thoughts and past traumas to an audience and believes her creative practice to also be a safe space for cathartic release. Currently, Liúsaidh is focusing on developing her investigation of identity and place further by combining elements of folklore and magic to respond to her personal connection with natural spaces and artefacts.